About our Cafe

just a short stroll away from Lytham promenade.

Visit Artisan Lytham Cafe – Chell’s.

Enjoy breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, coffee or tea, cake and treats, wine and beer as well as traditional Artisan Ice Cream – made here on the premises using local fresh ingredients. Catering for friends, couples, shoppers, day trippers and all locals – at Chell’s of Lytham you’ll find delicious food created by skilled chefs, served with a smile in a beautiful, relaxed and calming atmosphere.

Chell’s specialise in creating artisan ice-cream on the premises for customers to enjoy, with seasonal flavours available. The owners pride themselves on bringing something a little different to the windmill quarter in Lytham. All staff, colectively have decades of experience in the hospitality industry, all artisan’s in their own right who can’t wait to make, bake and cook for you.

What we are all about

Quality – Always

Our ingredients are delicately and locally sourced with both time and care – using the highest standards and food hygiene regulations possible.

We Care

It is our job as humans to protect this wonderful planet we live on. We practice acts of sustainability when and where possible.

Your ExperienceWe value the connections we’ve made with our customers and aim high when it comes to your cafe dining experience. Our food, drinks and traditional ice-cream is always served with a smile.

We’re Artisans

Creativity is in our blood. It’s why Savor exists in the first place. We are constantly finding new ways to bring new dishes, flavours and tastes to our menu for those lunching at our cafe.

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